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Year 12 Students get a Taste of Cambridge University

A lucky handful of students gain an insight into the study of Law at Christ's College, Cambridge.

On March 19th, Mrs Sharpe and Mr Newbold took six potential Oxbridge candidates to a Law Moot at Christ’s College, Cambridge. This was designed especially for students wanting to study English, Law, History or SPS at university.

The day consisted of small group tasks with Law undergraduates, the aim being to compile arguments based on a variety of legal issues; these were presented to a ‘court’ of Christ’s LLM students.  The event was an excellent opportunity for students to hone their debating skills as well as giving them an insight into undergraduate study.

Flo, a Year 12 student, said, “I found the day very insightful in terms of learning about the potential workload and the way the Law course at Cambridge is run; the fact that undergraduate students were present allowed us to ask as many questions as we wanted – I was keen to find out about the benefits of studying abroad for a year.

Ben, who also attended, commented: “It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip, which not only helped me to understand the concepts of a court and trial, but also improved my debating skills and my ability to reference sources.”

All in all, a valuable excursion!

Good luck to all potential candidates!