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'Sportivate' Motivates Pupils at The Priory

Last Friday, three boys from Lincoln University came to The Priory to talk about their project ‘Sportivate’ with three members of the Young Journalist Academy.

Sportivate’s aim is to encourage more people to take part in coaching sessions, teaching students some of the less popular sports in order to raise their popularity in the local area. In the case of the visitors to The Priory Academy LSST, on April 20th, they had been assigned with basketball, but could easily have ended up with rugby or even cheerleading.

What makes the project so unique and accessible is that these clubs are not replacements for school clubs, but extras. Say if there was an avid basketball fan but the only opportunity he got to further enhance his progress in the sport was only one school session a week, Sportivate would offer him another session and more time to improve his skills.

Our very own school is involved in the scheme, with the lads from Lincoln University setting up after school sessions run by Lincoln Stars coaches, Jarrett and George. The coaching duo is heavily experienced in the game and are Level 3 ball coaches.

As for the three boys we talked to, their task, allocated by Lincoln University, was to introduce the project to local schools and promote it in order to attract more people. In the first couple of sessions at The Priory, eight pupils attended, which is a positive start but it would be great to see even more people. In order to make the rise in attendance happen, a number of flyers and posters have been sent out. So, if you see any, don’t shy away; have a read and consider the opportunity.

Of course, these kind of projects don’t come without their problems, especially when it’s being undertaken over nearly five months (Christmas to the end of April). One of the boys explained that ‘the main problem was contacting the schools; some took ages to reply, some didn’t even get round to doing it.' Another problem was ‘shaping the project around our social lives’ as it's such a big commitment.

So, with another fantastic opportunity gracing the grounds of The Priory, I’m sure the boys would love you to get involved, Basketball fan or not, support the cause and get on that court!

Kobe, Year 8