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Primary Science Day

Our LSST students really enjoyed their trip to Ling Moor primary school. There have been many presentations and demonstrations with students participating in experiments such as Oobleck, pop rockets, elephant toothpaste, Coca-Cola and mentos, the digestive system, and more. Even though there were a few ups and downs, the students at Ling Moor and the students at LSST had an amazing experience teaching and learning. The Ling Moor students, ranging from reception to Year 6, enjoyed being taught by the LSST students. The younger students listened to everything that the LSST students talked about and asked amazing questions based on the lesson. This whole programme was run by the Year 9 students, who designed, ordered, and delivered their lessons. The 6th form students who came helped support them in difficult areas and helped the Year 9 students whenever they hit a bump. This would not have worked if it were not for the amazing and fantastic technicians at LSST who gathered all the material for the Year 9 students to use. The students are thoroughly looking forward to venturing to different primary schools in the future.