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Progress at Camps International

Our students have been very busy and hard working here as the LSST representatives of Camps International, an organisation dedicated to working with school children to create various sustainable projects around the world. The students have been studying Costa Rica and have met with people who are from Costa Rica and Camps International. They have learnt about the issues facing Costa Rica and its people: deforestation that has caused habitat loss, an increase in pollution, and the loss life of the thousands of birds native to Costa Rica, but they have found a way to help. The students convinced us to change the curriculum of Technology to allow Year 7 students to construct bird boxes in their lessons. In fact, it is our Camps representatives who are currently setting up work booklets and tasks for them to complete, instead of us. They will soon send these bird boxes to the community in Costa Rica so that they can install them as flat packs and set them up in the rainforests so that all the birds can rest after long days of flying, construct nests for their young chicks and eggs, and hide from potential loggers. Also, the students are in the midst of setting up various fundraisers to ensure that they can do the best they can, so keep a close eye out for any upcoming fundraising events. Finally, we hope you can wish the diligent students of Team Camps good luck and send them your support in these endeavours.