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Business workshop allows students to shape the future

Gifted and talented students in Years 7 to 9 took part in a business partnership workshop designed to develop ideas for the enhancement of Lincoln. 

 A total of 80 of gifted and talented pupils from Years 7 to 9 took part in a 'Designing Lincoln' workshop run by the Education Business Partnership. It gave us the opportunity to develop the skills we hope to transfer to our future school and career pathways.

I could tell the tasks were well thought-out and designed to help us develop our thoughts, both realistic and far-fetched, on the improvement of our wonderful city, Lincoln.

It included thinking about the main issues of Lincoln, resulting in useful improvements, using each individual member's qualities to make a model for our city as a symbol of Lincoln (eg a statue or building); putting across a valid business proposal to convince the committed staff we had  the best vision. But overall, having a good day and coming up with something constructive out of Mrs Holmes' and fellow staff's input.

My group wanted to tackle the specific issues of the train running through the centre, traffic congestion and encouraging starting businesses. As a monument, we made a large fountain of a Lincolnshire sausage on a fork. Other groups varied from a building based on a Roman helmet, in relation to our city's heritage, and others a 140m multicoloured tower with everything you may need for a functioning community. Overall, the presentations were very successful as they showed what was needed and demonstrated their main points. Despite the main aim of the workshop, subconsciously all participants grew in personal aspects such as leadership and teamwork.

This extension day was one of the best so far, very successful and made a great impression on all those involved. A massive thank you to those who made it happen.

Olivia Nicholson
Year 9