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Young Journalist Academy: the Insiders' Scoop

The Young Journalist Academy is regarded as a fantastic opportunity and difficult to get into.  But is this the true story?

YJA stands for Young Journalist Academy, which is a programme run by CfBT.  It involves making links with Lincolnshire schools and and selecting a group of pupils to represent their school by learning and performing professional Journalism.

Entering the Academy is only the first testing stage.  The pupils have to prove themselves worthy of such an honourable position by writing an article to one of the YJA’s representatives- Bill- and he will select about twenty pupils to face an interview.  This interview is essential in showing how confident you are and how desperately you want the position!  Leading on from that, Bill has the difficult decision of choosing only a handful of students to be put forward in the team.

But is YJA actually that good?  Sophie, a member of the YJA says “I was one of those fortunate few in the team and I have never looked back.  The Academy is such a fantastic experience and the opportunities are amazing!’

Another member was asked what she had done so far: “Well, so far I have interviewed the famous London Community Gospel Choir.  They have sung for many important people including the queen!  It was very nerve-wracking but definitely worth it!  I have also been asked to report at the Blankney Pony Races, so, as you can see, there is clearly a very diverse range of opportunities!”

Morgan says “The best part is when you publish your articles and people comment on them.  You get such a sense of pride!  It’s such a good feeling!  When I write the articles, I find out so much from researching them and I would certainly say I know much more about the world!”

Miss Chester, the person behind the magic, was asked what she felt the biggest advantage of YJA is: “Everyone gets treated like a professional and given responsibilities and independence.  They are given a chance to shine!  There are endless amounts of opportunities and it’s great for the students’ self-esteem.”

Personally, the Academy has turned my views on journalism around!  It has boosted my confidence, taught me how to write articles, keep on time with my deadlines, helped me to express my feelings succinctly and it will look great on my CV!  All of these are important for my future and exams.  I can’t wait to see what the future has to hold!

If you'd like to see just some of the work we've produced this year, please visit (feel free to comment on any of our articles!) and other blogs on this site.

Abbey, Year 8