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Norway remembers

Thirteen students from Year 10 visited the Norwegian city of Steinkjer to learn about the system of democracy and remember the sacrifices of the Second World War.

Between the 12th and 18th of May, 13 students from Year 10 took part in a programme in the Norwegian city of Steinkjer, where we learnt about the culture and the system of democracy. We also learnt about Norway's involvement in the Second World War.

We met some very interesting people who shared their stories with us, such as a man who was just eight years old during the war but remembers a lot about it.

Also, on Wednesday, the widow of a soldier from the Yorkshire regiment taught us a lot about her husband's experiences during the war, from which we could all learn something.

On Friday 16th, we went to visit a cemetery where 155 soldiers, airmen and sailors were buried. It was a very emotional remembrance service as we learnt that some of them were just 19 years old and buried unknown.

The week was an incredible experience in which our eyes were opened and we learnt a great deal. We thank everyone who arranged and organised the trip for us, enabling us to take part and meet some amazing people.

Lola Sharrock, Roanna Ghest, and Katy Acaster.