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4x4 students take up the challenge

Team 4x5, consisting of 5 boys from Year 9, travelled to the Jaguar Land Rover engineering headquarters in Warwickshire to take part in the National Final of the Land Rover 4x4 In Schools Challenge.

Team 4x5 consisting of 5 boys from Year9, having won their Regional Final, travelled to the Jaguar Land Rover engineering headquarters in Warwickshire to take part in the Nation Final of the Land Rover 4x4 In Schools Challenge ( ).

They were one of 26 teams invited to enter the National Final on the Land Rover 4x4 In Schools Challenge. The competition was split into 4 parts covering the whole day, first up for us was the pit display judging and without being to biased I thought that the team had the most comprehensive and informative display, second round was engineering where the boys had to explain all about 4x4 vehicles and their mechanical parts, talk about their own vehicle and also pass the scrutineering, again they were on top of the game and pleased to say that they were awarded full marks for the vehicle scrutineering. After lunch came the dreaded track drive. I am sure that the designer of the track cannot sleep at night given the challenge he sets the teams. This time the track wove in and out of a real Land Rover. In true top team fashion (thinking of Mercedes and Red Bull F1) the team suffered an unfortunate mechanical problem, technical name of 'wobbly chassis' as the vehicle seemed to have lost hydraulic damping fluid from the suspension struts. This allowed the chassis to sway too much on the corners thus throwing the vehicle off course and colliding with the very tightly set cones. However, unlike aforementioned F1 teams, the team did not retire but carried on to complete the course in the allotted time but unfortunately we believed that too many points had been lost in what was a tight competition. Although the team had manufactured a novel front tow bar for the towing track to give greater control on reversing, it was decided to remove it prior to the main track drive due to steeper angles than normal and thus allowing the tow bar to ground. So back to the rear mounted tow bar and full marks around the course until, yes the reversing, despite a valiant effort time just beat us. The final leg was the verbal and PowerPoint presentation; again the team believed it went very well with sufficient information given as to not raise many questions and only just running short of their required timing of 8 minutes.

So a very busy day and on to the awards, sadly to say that despite their very best effort in all aspects of the competition the team came away empty handed but should be proud of being in the National Final and from the many comments about their vehicle and pit display from VIP visitors come away with their heads held high.


As part of the challenge the team had to gain sponsorship to finance the project and so would like to offer their thanks to all sponsors and highlight their businesses:


CsgUk (Cleaning Specialist Group) supply contract cleaning to schools and other businesses around Lincolnshire, they are sponsoring the corporate image of the team.

Superstar Components ( ) is a local cycle components company that wishes to provide sponsorship in educational establishments.

TR Weston & Son Ltd is a steel manufacturing company that supply steel products around Lincolnshire and have sponsored us the funds to purchase the materials and components necessary for the project.

What Dogs Want is a dog grooming company in Lincoln that is also sponsoring us money to help supply the components we need.

Huxbuds is a horticultural business that supplies hanging baskets and plants to the school

The Priory Association sponsors the after school 4x4 Club and registration fee for the competition.