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Students flying high at RAF Cranwell

A selection of fourteen mainly Year 10 and Year 9 students attended RAFC Cranwell for a STEM experience day and to have a look at the opportunities that may exist for younger people in today's RAF.

The day was hosted by the RAF at the Officers and Aircrew Selection Centre (Adastral House) and consisted of a difficult group task where the aim was to get from one place to another via different transportation and with various obstacles to hinder progress. Our students interacted with kings College Grantham, and certainly held there own in demonstrating a good understanding of the rquirements involved. Particular praise to Erin Hall who stood up in front of everybody (adults included) and gave a very credible account of a solution. Also a great effort by Jeremy Stewart and Emily Hugill who talked live on BBC Radio Lincolnshire, who just happened to be there for the day, and put forward some great answers in a tricky but 'live' interview with the radio presenter.


The second phase involved the groups tackling small logic problems and again all excelled in a team environment and under time pressures.


We were lucky enough to get invited to the station fire section, where Chloe Cook's dad worked.

Some selective students (Chloe) were chosen to act out a smoke filled room scenario and donned masks to try and find a 'dummy' located in the room. Much to everyone's amusement.