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  • CCF Dining Out Night

    Published 22/07/19, by Samantha Davis

    On Wednesday 17th July 2019, the Priory CCF Dining Dut Night was held at the International Bomber Command Centre. Over forty cadets and officers attended alongside the Head teacher, Mrs Hopkinson.

    The evening began at 1800 when everyone arrived at the venue, dressed in their formal attire. We were then offered non-alcoholic drinks, just before our tour of the grounds. A guide showed us around the different gardens and various memorials laid there. We then walked up to the spire, which resembled a plane wing. This was surrounded by the names of many people who lost their lives whilst either flying a bomber or working in a station. From this point, there was also a beautiful view of the cathedral.

    Shortly after, we made our way up to the dining area, where we were to have our meal. It was a very traditional, formal dinner and we were served three courses from a menu; everybody really enjoyed it.

    Next, awards were handed out for those who had really stood out in the past year. Some of these awards included: Best drill and turnout; best shot and best cadet on each of the camps.

    The evening concluded with goodbyes from the senior cadets who were leaving, as this was the main purpose of the event. There were also many inspiring speeches read aloud by three of the leavers.

    Many memories were made, and we wish all the best for everybody’s future.

    Cdt Diamond

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  • CCF RAF Summer Camp 2019

    Published 19/07/19, by Samantha Davis

    On Saturday 29th June, a selection of RAF cadets travelled to RAF Halton to begin a week long camp alongside other cadets from The Glasgow Academy. These cadets were split into four different flights.

    The cadets enjoyed various trips and activities throughout the week. Trips included places like The RAF Museum in Hendon, Halton House, Bletchley Park and HMS Belfast.  Activities included first aid training, team building, shooting the L98A2, flying in a Chipmunk simulator, low ropes and high ropes courses.

    On Friday 5th July, individual flights performed their drill sequences on the RTS (Recruit Training Squadron) parade square, in front of staff and officers. The cadets had been practising drill and preparing their Wedgewood uniform throughout the entire week for this drill competition. All of their hard work paid off as the flight sergeant was very impressed and complimented the flights on their excellent drill.

    After the stress of the drill competition, the cadets all enjoyed a lovely day out in London. Firstly, they went to HMS Belfast which is a town-class light cruiser that was built for the Royal Navy and is now a museum ship on the River Thames. Then, the cadets also saw a variety of landmarks such as the Tower Bridge, London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament.

    Overall, everyone had an educational and enjoyable week.

    Cpl Liu


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  • CCF Army Camp

    Published 19/07/19, by Samantha Davis

    This year, army camp was held at Beckingham training area near Newark. The trip lasted a week and it is safe to say that all of those who attended more than earned their weekend afterwards!
    The week itself consisted of many different lessons ranging from section attacks to basic fieldcraft. The days started at around 6am where all the cadets would get up, get dressed in their uniform and march down to the mess (canteen) for breakfast. After this, they would collect their equipment for the day and head to the parade square, ready for the start of lessons at 8:00am.

    At the start of each day the cadets would be split into different groups. Those who are senior cadets (Y10s and above) who would do the advanced syllabus and the basics (Y9s) would learn the basic syllabus.

    At the mid-week point, everyone was able to let loose as it was a personal development day. The day started with the water activities: sailing, raft building and kayaking. After lunch, everyone moved onto the dry activities such as, team building, orienteering and mountain biking. At the end of the day everyone was muddy and wet, but still smiling.
    In the evenings, the camp would put on various competitions. This included military knowledge, drill and the obstacle course. Priory cadets won the Military Knowledge competition.  The priory cadets did extremely well in the other competitions but sadly were against some stiff opposition. The camp staff acknowledged the cadets commitment and drive throughout the week.

    The week ended with the entire contingent taking part in an overnight exercise. Everyone was split into different sections and put to test all of the skills and field craft knowledge they had learnt throughout the week. The exercise went well and many of the cadets enjoyed working together as a team and sleeping under a basher for the night. This was an exciting week that ended in an exciting way. Everyone passed their syllabus and received various badges during the next CCF session.

    Cpl Mullins

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  • Science Club Achievements

    Published 12/07/19, by Samantha Davis

    Throughout this academic year a small group of Year 7 students have worked hard to complete the Bronze Crest Award Scheme in the afterschool Science Stem Club.  We picked the project: What is in our Food?  Then we carried out a series of research tasks, including two practical activities, to look at the amount of energy and the nutrients contained in certain foods.  Throughout their project they created a research booklet documenting and evaluating what they had done.  The students finalised their work into posters or PowerPoints and presented their work to staff, including Mrs Hopkinson and Mrs Moss, at a celebration held last week.  The poster seen here is by Haania.  All the students did exceptionally well and have been awarded the Bronze Science badge.

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  • Arts Extravaganza 2019

    Published 11/07/19, by Samantha Davis

    The Arts Extravaganza on Wednesday 3rd July was a fantastic celebration of the artists, musicians and performers at the Priory Academy LSST .  The evening showcased a range of performances, including exhibitions, art workshops, music ensembles and soloists, drama scripted and devised work, film and media and dance performances. All ages took part and it was fantastic to see so many people supporting this event!

    A quote from Sam in the Sixth Form following Arts Extravaganza " The Jazz Group has been some of the best moments of sixth form and I’m very proud of where we have come." 



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  • Y13 End of Year Ball

    Published 02/07/19, by Samantha Davis

    On Friday 28th of June, 162 Year 13 students and 39 staff descended upon the Hilton to celebrate their end of year, and the end of their time at LSST, ball. The weather was very pleasant and many of the outfits caught the eye, some even glittering in the sunlight. The end of year “thank yous” were well met with Lily delighting those gathered with the announcement of the Yearbook Awards. After the awards almost everybody stayed behind to trip the light fantastic or say some emotional goodbyes before disappearing off into the late evening festivities (students) or home (staff!). Year 13 will be missed… honestly, as they move on to bigger and better things, but we do hope that they will keep in touch and let us know how they are getting on.

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  • Pathways to Success at Cambridge University

    Published 01/07/19, by Samantha Davis

    On Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th June three Year 12 students attended a Pathways to Success conference held by Murray Edwards College at Cambridge University. Ella, Chloe and Katie all attended workshops and lectures given by some of the admissions team and fellows at the college on subjects as wide ranging as university applications, the interview process, 14th century artwork, war literature and "What is success?" The girls were particularly inspired by the stories told by a Murray Edwards alumna, Dr Alison Cooke, who regaled the audience with tales of how she had fought expectations and sexism to become a chartered engineer - all whilst raising a family and designing shuttlecocks! The girls thoroughly enjoyed the visit, not just because of the copious amounts of food on offer, and it has given them food (!!) for thought when decisions are made about university applications in Year 13.


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  • Y11 Prom Summer 2019

    Published 25/06/19, by Samantha Davis

    On Friday 21st June over 200 Year 11 students were joined by staff at the Engine Shed, Lincoln to celebrate the end of their examinations. The weather was kind and the students looked stunning in their beautiful dresses and smart suits as they danced the night away! For some this marked the end of their Priory journey as they venture on to pastures new for their post 16 education. We wish all students all the best for their GCSE results in August.

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  • Y12 Science Day at the University of York

    Published 21/06/19, by Samantha Davis

    On Thursday 20th June thirteen Year 12 Students travelled to University of York's Physics department to take part in a STEM day.  Students had the opportunity to talk to current researchers, lecturers and students in the field of Nuclear Physics.  They completed various activities ranging from calculating the stability of atoms and considering decay potentials to the requirements for fusion considering plasma density and confinement time.   All together the thirteen students had a fantastic day and learnt a lot from the opportunities provided.

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  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Assessment

    Published 21/06/19, by Samantha Davis

    Last weekend the forty five  DofE Bronze participants completed their overnight expedition in the Clumber Park area. The groups had planned to walk between 12 and 15k on both days but most groups ended up doing much more thanks to the rainy weather closing up roads.

    On the first day, groups carried their bags including tents, trangers, first aid and more to the campsite in Walesby. The groups all had to work together and support those struggling to get through the journey. When they arrived, they set up their tents and unpacked their stuff at the camp site. And in the evening, the groups all cooked their own boiled meals on the trangers.

    Each group was required to have a hot dinner and breakfast to demonstrate their ability to cook while on camp. On the second day, groups found the weather to be very aggressive in the evening which made finishing the expedition a real challenge! However, this became less of an issue when the groups stuck together and helped each other.

    Each group fortunately had no problem passing the expedition and can now pass their DofE after their presentations on their goals for the trip. Everyone worked really well and hopefully will be applying for their silver next year. 

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  • CCF Range Day

    Published 21/06/19, by Samantha Davis

    On Friday 17th May, ten army cadets from The Priory Academy LSST, Priory City of Lincoln Academy and Priory Witham travelled to Beckingham’ s 100m range.
    The day started at 0745. We collected our rifles for the day (L98A2) and got on the minibuses to start the journey to the range. About half an hour later we arrived at the range. We sorted ourselves into the groups that we would fire in (groups of four with one pair). We then went over our marksmanship principles, so we knew where to aim the weapon and what position we needed to be in.

    Altogether, there were 900 rounds between us. Each cadet got to fire 3 lots of 20 rounds, each of which were followed by 1 lot of 5 rounds which would be measured and tell us our score in millimetres. The score is worked out by finding the distance between the two furthest holes in a grouping. Most of us found that our groupings progressed with each go, with some improving as much as 500mm! We then patched up all our holes and tidied away at the range before heading back to the Academy where we stripped and cleaned the weapons before putting them back into the armoury.
    Thank you to Sqn Ldr Thompson, Flt Lt Huckins, Lt Mullins, Lt Anthony and Sgt Sharpe for making this day possible for the cadets.

    Cdt Clarke and Cdt Diamond

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  • CCF Cadet Navigation Exercise

    Published 10/06/19, by Samantha Davis

    On Thursday the 23rd May, roughly forty cadets went on a two-day camping expedition in the Sherwood Forest / Clumber Park area.

    On the first day the cadets walked around 12k with a staff member accompanying them to reinforce their navigation skills. The groups were entirely random, so the cadets had to connect to new people and work as a team to correctly follow the routes. The first day had some cadets head-out from the campsite and work their way to a collection point and others worked their way back to the campsite.

    When they arrived, they set up their tents and unpacked their stuff at the camp site. In the evening, the cadets all cooked their own meals on the trangers. In the evening the cadets engaged in many team-based sports such as Army vs RAF bench ball, football and hide and seek.

    On the second day, groups walked a similar distance, however the heat made it much more challenging as they all made their way to Clumber Park. At Clumber Park the cadets could get ice-creams to cool off and mess about in the play area before the minibus journey home.

    All the cadets had their own chance to navigate and successfully lead their group. Overall the exercise was a great learning experience for the cadets to properly understand how to navigate with a map and compass.

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