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  • Mastermind Champion 2018

    Published 24/05/18, by Samantha Davis

    We are pleased to announce Mr Rees as our Mastermind champion for 2018!  It was a closely fought contest with all contestants scoring highly in their specialist subject area and with Mrs Hopkinson kindly asking the questions. Mr Stones and Mr Sleight scored 10 points with their specialist subjects of Japan and Lincoln City. We have been informed that Mr Stones was so dedicated with his revision that he was revising minutes before! Mr Taylor and Mr Rees then scored 11 points with their subjects of Liverpool and the Vietnam war. The tie break of how many metres Steep Hill is was asked and Mr Rees was the closest. The picture above shows him with his prizes!


    Thank you for your support. It was an enjoyable event and one we hope to repeat next year.


    If any of you would like to reply with what you think the tie break answer is please feel free and we will award a prize to the closest.


    Kind regards,


    Your Enrichment Team

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  • Leeds Thackeray Medical Museum Visit

    Published 22/05/18, by Samantha Davis

    On Friday 11th May a group of Year 9 GCSE historians went to Leeds for the day and visited the Thackray Medical Museum. In Year 9 we are currently studying 19th century surgery as part of the history of medicine and this is what the museum is all about. Two coaches left the Academy at 08:00 and embarked on a two hour journey to Leeds. On arrival two groups started with a talk called “Pain, Puss and Blood”, a reference to the three problems most associated with surgery: bleeding, infection & pain. We got to smell some very pungent smells from an operating theatre in the 1800s such as: ‘BBQ’ from the cauterising of skin, ‘cigar smoke’ from when the surgeons smoked during surgery in order to get rid of the “bad air”, and ‘rotting flesh’ from infected skin. This was soon replaced with the scent of carbolic soap which we wouldn’t want to wash our hands with today. The other groups at this time went around an interactive exhibition regarding the human body before taking a tour of the development of medicine during the Industrial Revolution and beyond – completing a booklet to help with our revision in the future. In this part there were lots of things to do such as testing your strength to see if you could be a surgeon at that time as well as artefacts from the development of medicine. Later we carried on upstairs to watch a video on very young Hannah Dyson having her leg amputated! After this, the group all went round together on a walk around the old streets of England and they got to be character who would be living in that time and say what they could afford in terms of medical treatment and how they would live. We gathered and learned lots of information on Robert Koch, Louis Pasteur, and many more. By Pip Burrows-Hodge

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  • Cologne Adventure for Y9s and Y10s

    Published 22/05/18, by Samantha Davis

    From the 4th to the 9th of May 50 Year 9 and  10 students went on  a trip to Cologne, Germany. After a long and tiring coach journey, we arrived in Cologne on the Saturday and set about exploring the city centre. Everyone was in awe of the beautifully intricate spires of the cathedral and we all enjoyed the sunny weather. We were then given a two hour long tour of the city and, despite being rather exhausted, we were still all fascinated by what our tour guides had to say.

    The next day we set out to discover some more of the Rhineland. We visited the very scenic Marksburg Castle and were given a tour in German. We all did our best to understand what our guide was saying and I think, on the whole, we were quite successful. That afternoon we visited a lovely little town called Boppard. Here we followed a town trail and, due to the heat, we were all extremely grateful when Mrs Rees offered to buy us all ice creams! A little later on, we went on an evening walk around Hiroshima Nagasaki park in the green belt of Cologne where we all enjoyed relaxing in the early evening warmth.

    Monday morning saw us all heading out to the Sommerrodelbahn Tobogganing Centre in Altenahr. For many this was one of the highlights of the trip and was a lot of fun! This was followed by  a visit to Bonn where our navigation skills were tested as we followed German directions around the main landmarks of the town. We were then shown a stunning new view of Cologne when we went on an evening river cruise of the Rhine.

    On our final day in Cologne, we first visited the Ludwig Museum of Modern Art. This required us to view art in a slightly more imaginative way and some pieces made us think about things in a new way. We were then given some free time to wander around Cologne and to get lunch before visiting the Lindt Chocolate Museum. The guided tour here was much enjoyed by all as many free samples were available!  We were then given one final opportunity to walk round the shops of Cologne. Our trip ended with an evening meal at the Hard Rock Cafe before we got back on the coach and headed home.

    On behalf of everyone on the trip I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff involved for providing us with such an incredible opportunity and an excellent trip. Danke schön!   


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  • Mastermind Victory

    Published 17/05/18, by Samantha Davis

    This lunchtime saw a closely fought contest between our two Mastermind Teams. The team above were victorious in the first general knowledge round and will go on to compete individually with their specialist subjects next Wednesday for the Mastermind trophy. There were some controversial answers, not least Mr Taylor’s suggestion that Quicksilver was predominantly a brand for surfers rather than mercury! There was also a tense moment between Mr Strawson and Mr Sleight regarding Lincoln City. Thank you also to Mr Crocker and Mrs Porter for helping with the tie break and buzzer rounds and a big thank you to Mrs Hopkinson for being our quizmaster!


    Winners-get revising your specialist subjects, (or in Mrs Hanson’s case, just watch TV!)



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  • Spectroscopy in a suitcase

    Published 11/05/18, by Samantha Davis

    On the 8th and 9th of May, Dr Natalie Ben Alaya of The University of Lincoln visited us at the Academy and brought along two infrared spectroscopy instruments.

    Our Year 12 Chemistry students were given the opportunity to use this equipment to test samples and then interpret the results to identify some unknowns. The students really enjoyed the sessions and, as Spectroscopy is a common examination topic, they should have really benefited from the hands-on experience.

    Many thanks to Dr Ben Alaya for making the journey across. We hope to make it a regular fixture of our Year 12 teaching in the future.


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  • Science Ambassadors learning to teach!

    Published 09/05/18, by Samantha Davis

    On Thursday 3rd May, a group of four sixth formers travelled to The Priory Witham Academy to take part in a Science Ambassador Day, led by the Institute Of Physics, aimed at introducing Year 8s into the world of teaching science.

    As STEM mentors, our job was to facilitate a group of 8-10 younger students to complete various physics experiments which would lead to a presentation to the rest of the group at the end of the day. We could have never imagined the amount of experience that we would gain from one day, but fortunately we were proven wrong.

    Not only did we help to encourage the Year 8s to complete a series of tasks, Jess and Emily also had the opportunity to do a presentation to the group about different presentation skills, including knowing your audience and how to give a presentation with confidence.

    This whole experience was done to train Year 8s to teach the same content to primary school children (Year 5) in the upcoming weeks, so they can act at STEM mentors to the younger years.

    Not only did this help to gain experience in Physics, it also helped with our confidence in talking to a group of students, as well as supporting other extra-curricular activities within the Academy, like the Introduction to Teaching scheme.

    Sixth Form students

    Millie Meyrav-Lawless

    Deputy Head Boy Joe Haigh

    Jessica Hulton

    Emily Jago

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  • Sixth Form Finance Workshop

    Published 09/05/18, by Samantha Davis

    On Tuesday 30th April, two members of the Lincoln branch of Santander came to the Academy to give a presentation to our Year 12s and 13s.


    The workshop was aimed at those who'd like to learn more about finance, and those thinking about pursuing a career in the industry. Victoria and Abby discussed inflation through the ages, bonds, shares, and a range of other interesting topics.


    Many thanks to our Sixth Formers for taking part and thanks to Santander for giving up their time to visit us.


    Hopefully this will be a regular event, with different topics discussed each time.



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  • Team Alpha are County Winners!

    Published 30/04/18, by Samantha Davis

    Thursday 19th April 2018 saw the 12 strong Young Enterprise team, Alpha, attend the Young Enterprise County Final at the Showroom.  The hotly contested event showcased the entrepreneurial skills of eight teams from the area all desperate to take home the title of County Winner and move forward in the competition to the Regional Final.

    The atmosphere was tense, the wait agonising, while the judges deliberated their decisions.

    In total elevn awards were up for grabs.  While each one was announced we waited with baited breath for 'Alpha' to be called out... and it was, with the team picking up the Health and Safety and Environment awards.  Although the glassware is nice, there were still two awards remaining: Runners Up and Winners.  Mrs Cavill and Miss Blackman are probably now arthritic from their enthusiastic finger crossing as they hoped that 'Alpha' wasn't read out for the Runners Up award.  Yet they are pleased to say that the pain was worth it, as this was given to the team’s closest rivals and at this point they tried not to squeal in anticipation of the winners being announced.  Obviously this went to team Alpha, and deservedly so!

    The team's tenacity, resilience and pure brilliance saw them fight off the competition in a very tightly contested competition. Now team Alpha are looking forward to the Regional final on June 20th.

    So who are Team Alpha?

    Led by Alfie Lewis, Managing Director, they are:

    Emily Jago

    Jordan Knapp

    Imogen Steiner

    Roya Banki

    Finlay Beresford

    Sophie Fox

    Craig Hockenhull

    Tasneem Mahfouz

    George Marshall

    Gregor Hinchliffe

    Ryan Morris

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  • Leicester University - Medicine Calling

    Published 28/04/18, by Samantha Davis

    At 3.30pm on Wednesday 25th April, twelve Year 11 students, all with aspirations of becoming doctors in the future, set off for Leicester University Medical School.  They were taking part in the ‘Medicine Calling’ evening, hoping to find out more about the medical profession and what universities are looking for in a successful medicine student.

    The particular focus for the evening was the medical specialty of Psychiatry, with excellent presentations by members of the faculty who also practise in this field. As well as lots of detail about the role of Psychiatrists, we were given case histories of real patients who had been successfully treated by the doctors. The range of issues that individuals can face and the variety of treatments available to the practitioners was amazing.

    We had the opportunity to talk to current medical students as well as course providers during the refreshments break, which gave us all chance to ask any questions we wanted. Once supper was over, we separated into groups to experience an interactive case-based workshop, looking at the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric illness. This was really interesting and provided us with a great insight into the reality of psychiatry.

    After a final summary from our hosts, we left Leicester to return to the Academy. Although we didn’t get back until after our usual bed-times, everyone agreed it had been an enjoyable and informative evening where we all learnt something about Medicine and the specific field of Psychiatry.

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  • The CCF march on!

    Published 24/04/18, by Samantha Davis

    Nine cadets and two staff completed in the 37th RAF Annual 2-Day March at RAF Cosford. Over 1150 military and 130 civilian marchers took part. The Priory Academy LSST  CCF was one of 115 teams and was the only CCF team taking part. 

    Whilst the male cadets and Flt Lt Summers had the stone gymnasium as their accommodation the female cadets and Plt Off Lynch were accommodated in a barrack block.

    Once the cadets had made up beds and had prepped their kit straight away so that the personal admin was done in the early part of the evening, the cadets had the rest of the evening to themselves to sort out feet taping or just general chilling out and meeting new people from air cadet units from across the UK. There were over 1150 people from across UK  and european nations' military forces taking part in 2 Day Marches, so there was plenty of chance for the cadets to talk to marchers from other countries and also chat to other cadets.

    Once the briefings were finished, all the cadets could get an early night and go to bed sleeping on the floor of the gym or barrack block. Most were asleep when the lights were put out at 22:00. Time of reveille for Saturday was 05:50. Cadets were up getting dressed for the first day of marching. The team pulled on their combats and boots and headed to the mess for breakfast.

    After breakfast, the team picked up their packed lunch for the day and marched back to the accommodation where they would collect their bags and head outside ready to march around to the parade square for the day's walk. With all the teams formed up and ready, the first day's march  would be started with the command from the March RSM. "By the left, quick march!"

    At 07:50 the cadets were standing on the parade square ready to be set off by the March RSM. At 08:00 the RSM brought everyone up to attention and the next thing you knew it was "By the left, quick, MARCH!" and the whole detachment which comprised of 15 military and civilian teams, including girls from the Girls' Venture Corps Air Cadets, all stepped off with an eyes left and Flt Lt Summers gave a salute to a Colonel of the German Air Force who returned the salute in celebration of the 100 years of the Royal Air Force.

    Towards the end of the first day and 20km later, the team marched back into RAF Cosford onto the parade square and gave an eyes left to the saluting officer. 

    Once we had moved off the parade square it was back to the accommodation to have a shower and freshen up after the long walk and then off to dinner at the mess at 16:30. 

    After food, the cadets had free time to sort out their administration for the next day and to get their feet taped.  All team members completed the first day and all would be marching the following day.

    It was the same routine for the Sunday as it had been for the Saturday and we gave an eyes left to the reviewing officer on the march off, and Sunday’s 20km walk began. Overall Sunday's walk was warm although we did get a bit of rain during lunchtime.  It was important that all the team members kept drinking to keep hydrated. The team did a bit of singing, overtaking teams and ploughing on to the end of the day with a fantastic moral throughout the whole of the weekend.

    By mid-afternoon the team entered Cosford, marched down the main road leading to the parade square where Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty took the salute with a final eyes left. Once finished the Air Commodore had a small medal presentation ceremony giving each team member their medals.

    All cadets and staff successfully completed the RAF WARMA 2 Day Marches, albeit with some sore feet and legs but well worth the effort. The team from The Priory Academy LSST CCF were a credit to the Academy. Well done to them all.


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  • LSST students win the Mars Rover Challenge.

    Published 23/04/18, by Samantha Davis

    On Tuesday 17th April a group of eleven Year 8 pupils went to Cambridge University for the ‘Mars Rover Challenge’ held at the world famous Cavendish Laboratory.

    During the morning, we were given a tour of two different colleges that make up the university, Fitzwilliam and Churchill. The different histories of the two institutions was fascinating, one being developed in the garden of Charles Darwin’s widow, Emma, and the other being founded by Winston Churchill after the second world war.

    We then walked across to the Cavendish Laboratory for lunch and a guided tour of the Science Museum there.  Here we saw examples of the equipment designed at the end of the 19th Century to unify electric and magnetic theories and to discover the first sub-atomic particles. There was even a working cloud chamber where we could see the traces left by alpha particles and gamma radiation.

    After lunch we began the Mars Rover challenge, where we had to design and make a rocket shell, a Mars rover, a landing craft and a spectroscope. We worked as a team, competing with groups from two other schools, trying to make sure each of our different components were suitable for their particular purpose. After a number of redesigns and modifications taking over two hours, we were finally ready for testing.  The rover had to drive over deep sand and small boulders and then over a separate rocky terrain.  Our large diameter wheels with added friction from rubber bands allowed our rover to complete both courses; the only vehicle to do so out of the three groups. The rocket was then tested in a wind tunnel, where a smoke trail showed how the air moved over the surface of the vessel. Finally our landing craft was tested with an accelerometer, where we were trying to minimise the forces on landing. Our craft, together with its parachute, soft nose-cone and securing foam straps won this particular round as well. When all the results were in The Priory Academy LSST were the overall winners of the challenge, and all the team members received a prize.  It was the perfect end to a really interesting and enjoyable day.


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  • Classics and Ancient World Day

    Published 23/04/18, by Samantha Davis

    On Wednesday 18th April, we hosted six academics from the Ancient History and Classics faculty at the University of Oxford, led by Dr Peter Haarer from both Lincoln College and Trinity College.

    Over forty students from Year 9 had been given some preliminary reading material before the Easter holiday, in order to prepare for the event. In several separate groups, the students took part in four different sessions during the morning, covering aspects of archaeology, ancient history, classical literature and the opportunities arising from studying Classics at degree level.  The aim of the day was to broaden the experience of our students in classical texts and history outside the usual school curriculum, and to give them an opportunity to ask any questions about the process of applying to a very competitive university like Oxford.

    After a lunch for presenters and students in the Sixth Form common room, some of our Year 11 and Year 12 students had a choice of three afternoon sessions. These were in smaller groups covering some challenging material in the format of an Oxford tutorial. This provided the individuals involved with the opportunity to develop the skills, confidence and techniques which will be really important both in A level History and future interview situations.

    The delegation from Oxford had a very enjoyable day visiting the Academy and it is planned that the Year 9 students who found the sessions particularly interesting will make a return visit to Oxford University early in the next academic year.  The Year 11 and 12 students were encouraged to contact Dr Haarer and his team if they have any questions about the content of the day or the wider classical history field. We hope some of those involved will choose to apply courses at Oxford in the future.

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