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  • Chess Tournament

    Published 26/04/22, by Samantha Davis

    On Monday afternoon, we hosted a friendly chess tournament between Priory Pembroke Academy and The Priory Academy LSST in the library. Eleven students from each academy participated and all the players were in Years 7, 8 and 9. It was a really fun afternoon with four timed rounds. Six LSST students tied for first place, winning all of their games and gaining the maximum possible score of 12 points each. Two Pembroke players tied for first place among their team with 8 points each. The Pembroke squad were accompanied by Mr Evans, Miss Gibbs and Mrs Coggan. All the students entered into the spirit of the afternoon with great courage and courtesy and made some new friends from another federation academy into the bargain – well done, everyone!


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  • From Romans to Railways

    Published 04/03/22, by Samantha Davis

    Year 13 Community Art Project

    In July 2021 the Priory LSST Academy were invited by East Midlands Railway to take part in a collaborative art project with community rail* and a local artist.  The piece you see in the picture is the outcome from the workshop on Monday 12th July with artist, Mel Langton

    On Friday 25th February a group of A Level Art students were invited to the unveiling of the artwork at Lincoln station. This included the six pieces of artwork that have been created by local artist Mel Langton with the pupils in local schools including Lincoln Christ’s Hospital, The Priory Academy LSST and National Citizen Service. 

    A Level students were asked to produce a large piece of digital work to be installed at Lincoln train station. Romans to Railways will be an addition to the recent refurbishment of Lincoln station, helping to make it an attractive gateway to the city. During the initial lockdown, whilst most students were working remotely, A Level Art students were researching historical elements of Lincolnshire and developing ideas independently. On Monday 12th July 2021 students were able to attend a workshop within the Academy where they produced an image based on the manufacture of the tank. This workshop was delivered by a local artist, Mel Langton, who has designed some of the Lincoln Imps for the 2021 trail and previously a Magna Carta 800 Baron.  Nineteen A Level students worked with a variety of media and materials to produce a large image that has now been transformed into a 2-metre by 2-metre aluminium panel displaying the digital art work. All the students are excited to see their artwork in situ, giving them the opportunity to appreciate the city they live in as they experience seeing their work on public display.

    The artwork showcases some of Lincoln’s best attractions, as well as the talents of our young artists, who intend to inspire both the local community and visitors to explore all the city has to offer!



    *Community rail consists of grassroots partnerships which by engaging with communities help people maximise the benefits their railways offer as well as promoting sustainable travel. They work to improve train services and stations as gateways to their communities and advance the provision of new stations and services. The North Notts and Lincs CRP covers an area of 2,200 square miles served by 11 railway stations, including Lincoln. NNLCRP is a Community Interest Company designed to serve the communities in its area. Stakeholders include train companies, bus operators, councils, Network Rail and Community Rail Network. NNLCRP also support volunteer station adopters.

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  • Jamie's Legacy

    Published 09/02/22, by Samantha Davis

    Many thanks again to everyone who supported Jamie’s Legacy and helped raise money for Cefovid. Now that schools have reopened in Uganda here are some pictures of a young girls' reproduction health session paid for by some of the money raised. We look forward to sharing more examples of how the funds are being put to good use in the future. Well done to all involved and many thanks to those who supported.

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  • Progress at Camps International

    Published 31/01/22, by Samantha Davis

    Our students have been very busy and hard working here as the LSST representatives of Camps International, an organisation dedicated to working with school children to create various sustainable projects around the world. The students have been studying Costa Rica and have met with people who are from Costa Rica and Camps International. They have learnt about the issues facing Costa Rica and its people: deforestation that has caused habitat loss, an increase in pollution, and the loss life of the thousands of birds native to Costa Rica, but they have found a way to help. The students convinced us to change the curriculum of Technology to allow Year 7 students to construct bird boxes in their lessons. In fact, it is our Camps representatives who are currently setting up work booklets and tasks for them to complete, instead of us. They will soon send these bird boxes to the community in Costa Rica so that they can install them as flat packs and set them up in the rainforests so that all the birds can rest after long days of flying, construct nests for their young chicks and eggs, and hide from potential loggers. Also, the students are in the midst of setting up various fundraisers to ensure that they can do the best they can, so keep a close eye out for any upcoming fundraising events. Finally, we hope you can wish the diligent students of Team Camps good luck and send them your support in these endeavours.

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  • "Boys Dance Too"

    Published 27/01/22, by Samantha Davis

    Last week some of our students took the opportunity to work with the University of Lincoln in their ‘Boys Dance Too’ research study to support encouragement of boys entering and exploring dance. It was a challenging and creative workshop which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Well done to all involved and thank you University of Lincoln!

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  • Royal Institute of Philosophy Awards

    Published 10/01/22, by Samantha Davis

    Over the last ten weeks, a group of fifteen Year 11 and 12 students have been attending a philosophy course, hosted by the Royal Institute of Philosophy. Each week, the students would have a meeting after school on Wednesday with an assigned Philosopher, Isobel.  A different topic was chosen for each session, and the students would have an insightful discussion to discover both sides of the debate. From vegetarianism to gender and ethics, a wide range of topics were delved into during the ten weeks. At the end of the course, each student was awarded a certificate of participation and a book about different topics they were intrigued in.

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  • Remembrance Day

    Published 30/11/21, by Samantha Davis

    On Armistice Day all of our staff and students fell silent at 11am.

    We had our Remembrance Service in the New Hall, attended by Year 8.  There were some excellent readings and speeches from members of the military and our CCF Cadets plus a fantastic performance of ‘In Flanders Fields’ from our choir. Thank you to all involved in this moving and respectful service.

    As well as this, some members of the Priory Federation CCF once again had the honour of representing the Combined Cadet Force, the Military and the Federation at the Armistice Day Act of Remembrance at the Cenotaph in London.  All the students carried out their duties in London impeccably.  You may have even seen one of our cadets at the Cenotaph on BBC News!

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  • The Lincolnshire Co-op Community Champions

    Published 28/09/21, by Samantha Davis

    The allotment has been an ongoing development since the idea of creating a school growing space was planned and proposed in the academic year 2019 by our Year 9 Food and Nutrition students. It has been a long journey, and we still have a way to go. The groundwork is almost completed and plans to begin growing next season are underway.

    After a successful application we’re delighted to announce that The Priory Academy LSST has been selected to be a Community Champion in the Bracebridge Heath community. This means that branches in this area will be raising funds for us from 5th December 2021 to 5th March 2022 with the main fundraising coming from Co-op members. Every time a member shops and uses their dividend card a donation will go to the Community Champions in the area where they live. In addition, money is added to the pot from carrier bag sales, collection boxes, event days and colleague fundraising. The Community Champions is the Co-op’s way of giving back to local communities. The scheme was launched back in 2013 and since then have supported hundreds of local charities and community groups each year raising amounts from £200 to over £200,000.

    We are extremely grateful for the support offered by the Lincolnshire Co-op Community Champions and will ensure that the funds received are fully utilised to establish the allotment and engage our academy community.  

    We will keep you updated on our progress.


    Mr Goffe

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  • Well done!

    Published 12/08/21, by Samantha Davis

    We wish to congratulate our students on achieving their examination results in what has been a tumultuous time.  Nobody anticipated that when they started their current five and seven year journey with us, that the final stretch would be so challenging and occasionally surreal. Even this time last year we had hoped that we would be able to reset and restart again at the start Module 1 in the autumn term.  World events however, continued to thwart us and once again, the academic year 2020-2021 meant a return to on line lessons as well as the new testing programme.

    Amidst all of this, our students rose to the challenge, displayed our values in the face of adversity, and achieved the results they deserved.  Well done to all, and we wish you all the best on your future chosen path.

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  • Winning Entry for KS3 Tate Off!

    Published 10/08/21, by Samantha Davis

    The Priory Academy LSST has taken part in the EBP Healthy School Challenges since 2017, enjoying the experience and gaining important life skills along the way including problem-solving, team work, research and organisational skills as well as gaining confidence in presenting to the judges. Following a tough 18 months and cancellation of the competition due to the pandemic we are still as keen as ever to participate.

    The Academy has a whole has benefited from the work carried out over the years in terms of healthy eating and understanding the importance of this within the Academy and the wider community.

    Due to the cancellation of The Lincolnshire Show 2021, the prestigious Schools’ Challenge was also put on hold, but the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society wished to continue the strong connection with schools and recognise the value of the all-important learning focussed on food, farming, the environment and sustainability. As a result they decided to offer four smaller-scale competitions for the schools to get involved with virtually/remotely.

    The Lincolnshire Agricultural Society Schools’ Competitions saw an incredible 21% increase in school participation this year. There were four competitions, which included The Great Lincolnshire Tate Off, the Reuse and Grow competition, the Reuse and Show competition and the Photography competition saw 52 schools and 1,032 students get involved over the past three months from Grimsby to Stamford and Gainsborough to Spilsby.

    Well done to those involved in the winning entry from our academy for the KS3 Lincolnshire Schools' Tate Off!


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  • Refresh Lincoln Project

    Published 16/07/21, by Samantha Davis

    Back in March some of our students were involved in the Refresh Lincoln project. This was an initiative set up by an organisation called Zest Theatre who were trying to get the voice of children and young people heard across the city of Lincoln. Our students joined with staff from Zest Theatre via video call and had an honest conversation about their hopes and thoughts about the future. The quotes of three of our students were chosen and have now been turned into big, bright and colourful pieces of artwork across the city – I’m sure if you’re heading into Lincoln you will spot them. Well done to Royalty and Millie (Year 7) and Neva (Year 9) for contributing and being chosen for this project.  


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  • Easter Bunny Cupcake Competition

    Published 10/05/21, by Samantha Davis

    A big well done to those of you who entered the Easter Bunny cupcake competition. There are house points for the winners and all participants.

    Results below:

    • 1st place – Lily H 9.7 Cast
    • 2nd place – Michael D 10.4 Aval
    • 3rd place – Jack D 9.6 Alex

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