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Uniform and Dress

The Priory Academy LSST Sixth Form Dress Code

One of the core values at The Priory Academy LSST is Aspiration. We instil an attitude of hard work and determination in our students and this is reflected in our office dress code. We want to prepare our students for work, present them as role models for lower school and as ambassadors within the wider academy community. 

Parents/carers support their children when they choose to attend The Priory Academy LSST in the full knowledge of what our dress code requires of Sixth Form students. If students fall below our expected standards repeatedly, they may be asked to return home to change.

The student lanyard should be worn at all times for safeguarding those on site.

Students should wear a two piece business suit that can consist of:

·         Jacket and skirt

·         Jacket and dress

·         Jacket and tailored trousers

Where a skirt or dress is worn this should not be of jersey, bodycon or stretch style – skirts and dresses should be smart.

Where a tailored shirt is worn this should be tucked in and worn with a tie.

When a tailored shirt is not worn a smart top should be worn. Tops that are not smart:

·         Sweatshirts

·         Tops with logos

·         Tops that are revealing

Shoes or boots should cover the foot at the front and back.

Hairstyles should be in accordance with smart business dress – any dye should be of a natural colour.

The Academy is responsible for ensuring that jewellery worn does not pose a risk to those on site.  There should be a maximum of three piercings in either ear and there should be no facial piercings. Hooped earrings should be no larger than 2cm in diameter.

If there is any debate about an item of clothing the Head teacher’s decision is final.