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The Skills section is designed to encourage participants to either learn a new skill or develop one that they are already learning. Skills are divided into the following categories:

  • Natural World
  • Music
  • Games & Sports
  • Care of animals
  • Life Skills
  • Science & Technology
  • Learning & Collecting
  • Performance Arts
  • Media & Communication
  • Creative Arts

A copy of the programme ideas sheet for this section can be found below.

Many clubs and other activities that are organised in school can be used for this section (eg. CCF).  

For each section, the participant needs to decide on their activity and then apply for the activity to be approved by their DofE Leader.  This is done on the eDofE website or by using the Keeping Track booklet. They must ensure they set themselves some objectives and discuss their plan with an assessor. The assessor must be an adult with some knowledge or competence in that skill, able to review the participants progress and ultimately write a short report on their achievment of the section. This can range from a teacher running a school club, a youth activity leader, a piano teacher to a parent. Some skills will be learnt in the home (eg. learning to play chess, cooking or looking after a pet).

As with all sections, evidence must be collected in the form of an activity log (hard copy is attached below), certificates and images that show you have been participating at least once a week (min 1hr/week) for the duration of the section. Assessor reports must be attached to the participants eDofE record and then submitted to their DofE Leader. On completion of a section a section certificate can be awarded.