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ICT & Business


What makes us passionate about our subject? (Intent)

Digital skills are the tools which enable people to create, communicate and solve problems which they would not otherwise be able to do.  They allow students to innovate, gain confidence and build strategies for creativity and problem solving that can be applied to many aspects of life.  We consider these skills to be the pathway to a wide range of life chances, careers and essential to living in a digital economy.

What do our students gain by studying our subject? (Impact)

Our aim is to provide every student with a grounding in the digital skills they will need both during their education and in later life.  As the technology is continually updating, we want to emphasise a resilient flexible approach which includes strategies that will enable them to extend and update those skills in the future.

For those who want to study further we want to grow students’ knowledge of how technology is created and the appreciation they have for solving problems.  We want to help students to further develop their creative skills enabling them to communicate effectively in a digital world.

Business and Economics

What makes us passionate about our subject? (Intent) 

Opening a newspaper or switching on the news and being able to understand the cause and effect of real world events is what makes Economics so relevant and current.  Being able to discuss incremental and disruptive changes in the local and global economy is fundamental in allowing us to understand how our futures are impacted and as a result, to think critically about our own and others’ actions.  In doing so we are encouraged to consider our rights and responsibilities as well as those of businesses and governments.  Should we readily accept the consequences of others’ actions, regardless of their ‘power’?  If not then how can we act innovatively to change the dynamics of the world around us?  These are questions to which answers can be discussed, debated and potentially solved.  An appreciation of others’ opinions and evidence is crucial in determining an answer, should a right one exist.  More often than not, it is not this straightforward, and therefore accepting that there can never be ‘the’ answer is a difficult pill to swallow.  Economic issues must still be addressed therefore, and perhaps it is important that we must accept the opportunity cost of any decisions we make.  

What do our students gain by studying our subject? (Impact)

Understanding the impact business can have on a variety of stakeholders including the local community and beyond is important, and we aim to impart this knowledge and understanding onto our students. We encourage the engagement of students in topic related conversations, real time business news and the consideration of ‘other’ elements to business activity; not just for the reward of profit. We aim to inspire qualities such inquisitiveness, innovation, problem-solving, resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. The end product and reward of this will not only be the great knowledge and understanding of business, but also a critical, analytical and evaluative way of thinking and learning and the creation of independent learners with employability. 

Business and Economics Curriculum Maps and Assessment

IT & Computing Curriculum Maps and Assessment


At GCSE level students can study a range of Design and Technology courses.

Food Preparation & Nutrition GCSE – Exam Board - OCR F&N

Design & Technology GCSE - Exam Board - AQA 8552

Design & Technology: Textiles Products GCSE - Exam Board – Edexcel 2TT01

Cambridge National Certificate Level 2: Systems Control in Engineering – Exam Board - OCR CN.  Ends Summer 2023

Cambridge Nationals Certificate Level 2: Engineering Programmable Systems – Exam Board – Link - Cambridge Nationals - Engineering Programmable Systems Level 1/2 - J824 - OCR Starting September 2022



At A-level students can opt to study a range of Design and Technology courses.

Design & Technology: Product Design (3D) GCE - Exam Board – AQA | Design and Technology | A-level | Design and Technology: Product Design

Design & Technology: Fashion & Textiles – Exam Board – OCR F&T

Level 3 Foundation Technical Level in Engineering – Exam Board -  AQA . Ends January 2022

Design & Technology: Design Engineering – Exam Board – Link AS and A Level - Design and Technology - H004-H006, H404-H406 (from 2017) - OCR Starting September 2022