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200 Club

 The Priory Association is a group of teachers and parents of students at the Priory LSST who raise money for extra-curricular activities at the school. We have decided to launch a new fund-raising venture – The 200 Club. For those of you who have not come across a 200 club before, here is a brief description of the scheme:

The Plan

Up to 200 people buy one or more ‘shares’ per year. Half the total sum raised goes to Priory Association funds, and the other half is distributed on a termly basis to winning ‘shareholders’ whose numbers have been drawn.

Priory Association

The Priory Association raises money to help fund extra-curricular activities and events for the benefit of pupils at the Priory LSST. We meet once a month and all parents/carers of school pupils are welcome to attend.


The cost of each termly share is £7 – or £21 for the year (3 terms). Shareholders may hold more than one share. We will run to the school year, so if you join mid-way through the year then you can pay for as many terms as are left.


Each share will be numbered and that number will belong to the member to whom it is allocated for as long as he or she is a paid-up member of the 200 Club.

Prize Draw

All paid-up share numbers are included in each draw. The draw will be made termly by at least two Priory Association members, with any adjudication to be made by the Association chairman. Prize money will be based on 50% of funds received for that term, and will therefore depend on the number of paid-up shareholders at that time.


Income from 200 shares @ £21 per share             £4,200

Prizes (1st prize £350, 2nd prize £245,

3rd prize £105) x 3 termly draws                              £2,100

Profit for Priory Association                                     £2,100


If fewer than 200 shares are taken up these figures would be adjusted proportionately.

 You can see that this scheme can be a very effective find raising tool for the Priory Association coffers – and give you a chance of winning your money back each term – and more! Your support for the Priory Association is greatly appreciated and we hope you will want to take part in this fund-raising scheme.

Below is an application form. Please complete the form and send it, together with a cheque for £21 (£7 per term) to the address detailed. You can purchase as many shares as you like. If you would like more application forms please copy the one below, or contact us by email and request more. The more tickets you buy the better your chances of winning, so you might like to have one ticket per family member! The results will be posted on this page and the winners’ cheques will be sent out shortly after each draw.