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Duke of Edinburgh Silver Expedition

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the students listed below in successfully completing their Duke of Edinburgh silver qualifying expedition over the past three days. The students listed below undertook a gruelling three days in the peak district covering some 60 km carrying upwards of 30lb in weight. Needless to say these expeditions could not take place without the volunteer staff to whom we are extremely grateful:

Mr S Stones

Mrs H Moss

Mr T Ackland

Mr G Copeland


Students: they maybe a little tired with some aches and pains, so please be patient - and also with the staff!


Daniel Smailes

Katy Cannings

Molly Heslop

Kevin Rebello

Abbey Alderman

Ciara Goggin

Avishek Basu

Ellie Dennett

Lia Clark

Ben Skinner

Tanzina Hassan

Heather Priest

Jessica Beeby

Rachel Bell

Bethany Dyer

Amelia Gresham

Francesca Belbin

Ellie Dixon


Congratulations to all


Mick Ginty