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Students Get Set for Oz!

Rowen gives us the very first scoop on the upcoming school musical...

This year’s cast are ready and rearing for Wizard of Oz rehearsals, due for performance in February. The annual school performance is coming on well as the cast are getting ready to perform in the Old School Hall in front of hundreds of parents and pupils.

Mr Craven, the director of the show, has carefully and professionally hand-picked the finest of the school's performers; rehearsals are already in full swing and contain a cast of students from Year 7 all the way up to Year 13. Students have been rehearsing weekly to learn their lines and lyrics and the staging is yet to begin…

Lawrence Coombes (Year 12) shall be playing the role of the Wizard himself! Coombes explained how he felt about the Wizard of Oz:

"Rehearsals are going well. It's interesting acting with a new cast of people and so far everything seems to be coming together. Playing the Wizard is great; it gives me a chance to be loud and eccentric, which I always love doing!"

The show seems far away but as the New Year is creeping around the corner, it turns out that the performance is closer than it seems. Cast members have been practising their songs and lyrics in and out of school time, hoping to ensure an A* performance. Mr Craven and Mr Billinger, the music maestro, have been making sure that every pupil is working to their full potential to add to the magical ‘Wizard of Oz’ feel.

Other performances, such as the school Talent Show, have already taken place and proven that the school has outstanding quality of performance, so let’s hope that Dorothy’s red slippers really do have the magic needed!

Rowen, Year 8