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Author Andy Briggs Visits The Priory

Andy Briggs talks to Year 7 students about his new books and shares his wisdom on being an author.

 Andy Briggs, writer of the bestselling series and, recently visited The Priory Academy LSST to talk about his new books, The Greystoke Legacy and The Jungle Warrior. Both books make up his new series, Tarzan. He decided to write them to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the character Tarzan. When he began to write them his aim was to bring them up to date, so that children from a younger generation could understand them and empathise with the characters. Tarzan has been re-written many times since it was first written in 1912 by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

When Andy Briggs came to visit LSST he spoke to dozens of Year 7s, all of whom were interested in creative writing. The talk started with the author speaking about his books, what they are about and how he wrote them. He then went on to talk about how to become an author and what being an author is all about. It all ended with an interactive quiz on how to survive the jungle and what it throws at you.  The whole talk was really inspiring and afterwards many students bought copies of the books and had them signed.

Now if you think anything like me, I am sure you will be wondering, how can you make such a world renowned character modern and yet do it justice?

The first book in the series is called Greystoke Legacy and is about the three main characters: Robbie, Jane and Tarzan. Tarzan, as in the original, has lived in the jungle all his life and is raised by gorillas. But in this version he ends up in the jungle because of a plane crash instead of his parents being killed by gorillas. In Andy Briggs' version, a pack of gorillas then take him in and bring him up. The other two main characters, Robbie and Jane, find themselves in the illegal logging trade in the rainforest with both their parents. Jane’s dad is in charge of the camp and when she goes missing, Robbie sets out to save her. Who can he trust and who will kill him without a second thought?

In the second book, The Jungle Warrior, a baby is taken by an infamous hunter. Only Tarzan has the skills to track him down and give him justice.

Andy Briggs includes lots about apes in his books so he chose to support the EAZA Ape Campaign which saves apes from threats like deforestation and illegal hunting. Every book bought gives £1 to the charity. To donate or visit their website, visit

George, Year 9