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LSST win the Senior Maths challenge

On Friday 13th November teams of 4 students from 25 schools across Lincolnshire came to LSST to compete in the UMKT Senior Team Maths Challenge. This is an annual competition which sees 4 of the most talented sixth form mathematicians from each school take part in 3 rounds of maths challenges.

This year’s team from LSST was Dan, Jacky, Josh and Tim. The team started the day with a solid 54/60 in the first round followed by 51/60 in the second, at which point we were told that we were in the top 5. The final shuttle round was a particularly challenging one and the team scored a respectable 33, which we thought would land us 5th or 6th place.

Then the organisers finally announced the top 3 teams from the day…1st place goes to Priory Academy LSST! The team had won the regional final of the challenge and qualified for a place in the national finals in London in February. This is a major achievement considering the high quality teams they were competing against this year.

A huge congratulations to the boys, who not only showed themselves to be incredible gifted mathematicians, but also brilliant team players.