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Year 9 Netball

The game began with fantastic passes from Rebekah Yell and Ella Wood, which got us off to a great start and we scored the first goal. Unfortunately, QE were also very strong but that didn’t stop our determination and confidence.

Year 9 vs QE

 Ellie Stobie and Joanna Moomba were defending brilliantly but QE managed to sneak in a couple more goals but we were still a few goals ahead and playing our best. By the end of the first quarter we were winning 6-4. Courtney Delaney and I worked hard to get our ball down to our attacking third, and Sophie O’Boyle got some great shots in. By half time we were in the lead 9-12. We carried on playing well throughout the whole game; QE seemed to get stronger as the game went on. With great support from Katherine Hanrahan the defence was excellent however QE managed to equalise with us. Throughout the last quarter everything was extremely tense but Juliet Price managed to get a goal in just before the whistle blew, the final score was 21-20 to LSST.

Well done team!  

Players’ player- Ellie Stobie             Match report by Yasmin Rickaby

Yasmin Rickaby ©

Katherine Hanrahan

Joanna Moomba

Ella Wood

Rebekah Yell

Ellie Stobie

Juliet Price

Sophie O’Boyle

Courtney Delaney