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The Celebration of Citizenship

Key Stage 3 and 4 students celebrate our annual Citizenship Day with creative teamwork tasks...

Our annual Citizenship Day felt particularly special this year as we were able to share our viewing of the solar eclipse this morning. Groups of students huddled excitedly in the courtyards with pieces of paper to watch reflections of the phenomenon before returning inside to begin their citizenship-inspired projects.

Year 8 were set the 'Island Challenge' whereby they had to design their own island, giving it a name, currency, government and culture - including national clothing! The teams approached the task with a great deal of thought and creativity, producing national values and identities even Sir Thomas More would be proud of.

The majority of Year 9 visited the Space Centre in Leicester today, but those who remained joined forces with Year 7 to construct their own replicas of famous world monuments, using just art straws, paper and tape. Each one was then judged on the basis of their artistic flair, accuracy, height, stability and neatness.